Textbook Information and FAQ

Below you will find answers to common textbook questions, that have come up often. 

Still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: bookstore@ntcc.edu or (903) 434-8150.

What Textbooks do I need?

You are able to find your course materials through the Textbook option on our website, www.ntccbookstore.com, this is the official published textbook list for Northeast Texas Community College. 

There are two different ways to search for textbooks on our website.

Find Course Materials with your Student Account
  1. Login, if you have not ordered from our website before - you will need to create an account.  Use your school email address, ending in @ntcc.edu. 
  2. Click textbooks
  3. Click Find course materials with your student account
  4. As long as you are logged in with your student email and currently registered your required course materials will display, based off of your interfaced course schedule, schedules interfaced once daily, if you recently made a schedule change, please allow for 24 business hours for the correct materials to be displayed.
Manually Select your Courses
  1. Click Textbooks
  2. Manually select your course information, it is very helpful to have a copy of your schedule. For each course, you will need to select the Term, Department, Course, and Section (Ex. Term: Spring 2023, Department: BUSI, Course: 1301, Section: 083)
  3. As you select your courses, the published course materials will display.
How do I know if an item is Required?

There are multiple requirement statuses for course materials:
  • Required: Your instructor has listed this material as required for your course and is vital to being successful in this course. This material has to be purchased. 
  • Go To Class First - Inclusive Access:  Your instructor has listed this material as required and is vital to being successful in this course. This material will be delivered directly to you on Blackboard. This material was automatically billed to your student account when your registered, at a discounted price. 
  • Go To Class First - Open Resource: This is free course materials, your instructor will provide on Blackboard or in class. Can include but not limited to digital textbooks, handouts, class notes, and other study tools.
  • Go To Class First - Special Course Fee: These are special course fees that are included with your tuition.  Your instructor will provide access to this material either on Blackboard or in class. 
  • Choose: You have the option to choose between different materials.  Usually a printed or digital option, or different subscription lengths. 
  • Recommended: This material is not Required, but your instructor feels it could be beneficial in either your course or field of study. We usually recommend going to class to see how the material is utilized before purchasing. 
  • Optional - Print Upgrade: This is a discounted printed version of the Inclusive Access digital textbook, being provided on Blackboard.  Since you are using Inclusive Access you qualify to upgrade your Inclusive package with a discounted printed version of the textbook. 
  • Optional: This material is not Required, but your instructor feels it could be beneficial in either your course of field of study. We usually recommend going to class to see how the material is utilized before purchasing.
  • Alternate: This can be used in replacement of an item.  Usually this is the printed version of the Inclusive Access digital materials, being provided on Blackboard.  Another example, is for a dual lab kit option, a dual lab kit is a lab kit that can be used for multiple courses, for example: Biology I and Biology 2. It is only recommended to purchase Dual lab kits if you are taking both courses within the same semester.   

More Questions? Contact us: bookstore@ntcc.edu

What is Inclusive Access?

Your College Bookstore has partnered with a variety of publishers, to be able to offer you discounted course materials.  This material is delivered directly to you, via your Blackboard course, on or before the first class day! 

Inclusive Access Materials are listed as Required for your course, by your instructor, and is vital to being successful in your course. 

In most cases, the Inclusive Access content is the only course material you will need for your course, with some exceptions. Meaning you are able to start from the very first class day with the materials you need to be successful in your course. No more stressing about your book getting here in time! 

How do I know if my course is using Inclusive Access?
Instructors decide if the materials for their course will be offered as Inclusive Access (IA).  If your instructor has choose to use IA when you look up your course materials, it will state Inclusive Access before the title of the material. 

How do I get my Inclusive Access Materials?
Inclusive Access Materials are digital course materials, including eBooks and Courseware.  These materials will be available on Blackboard on or before the first class day. There are three types of "delivery methods" for IA, including: eBooks, Coded Access, and Codeless Access. 
  • Codeless Access will be courseware and you will have automatic access to your publisher courseware, you will not be prompted to enter an access code or purchase when registering for your courseware. 
  • Coded Access will be courseware and you will need an access code to register. You will get your access code, through the Inclusive Access link, most likely in the Start Here folder. Click on the Inclusive Access link, you will be redirected to your MyShelf, which lists all your IA courses, find the appropriate course and click View Course Materials. An access code will be listed, copy this code and go back to Blackboard. Click on your link for your courseware (MyLab, Navigate, Mastering) when prompted paste your access code. 
  • eBooks will be the digital version of the textbook used for the course. To access your eBook find the link for "Get Your eBook" usually on the Navigation Bar or in the Start Here Folder. Inclusive eBooks are interactive and you are able to highlight directly within the book, take notes, create flashcards, and in some cases have it read to you. 
What is the difference between eBooks and Courseware?
eBooks are digital versions of a textbook. There are different types of eBooks, including a pdf download, read only, and interactive eBooks.  Interactive eBooks will usually have unique features, could possibly include but not limited to, highlighting, notes, flashcards, and in some cases the ability to listen to the textbook. Most eBooks will have a search feature.
Courseware include a digital textbook, study tools, and usually assignments and test.  Courseware includes a graded feature, instructors use courseware differently, but in most cases you will submit your assignments and possibly complete your tests through this courseware.  Examples of courseware: Connect, WebAssign, MindTap, MyMathLab, Mastering, Navigate, Launchpad

Help, I can't access my Inclusive Materials! 
A few tricks to try:
  • Try a different web browser, historically Chrome works the best.
  • Ensure your pop-up blockers are turned off, or allowed for the particular cite. 
  • Try on a different device, sometimes it will work on a different devices.
If you are having issues accessing your Inclusive materials, please contact ithelp@ntcc.edu. Please include screenshots of any error messages you receive. 

How do I opt out?
You are able to opt out of purchasing your required materials from the NTCC Bookstore.  To do this, on Blackboard click on the Inclusive Access link, usually in the Start Here Folder, on the My Course page, click the course you would like to opt out of, towards the bottom should be the option to opt out. Follow the instructions to opt out. Once, opted out you will lose access to the Inclusive Access content. A refund will post to your student account within 5 business days of the census date. There are set dates, to opt out of Inclusive Access materials:
Spring 2023 Sessions
16wk: February 5, 2023
1st 5wk: January 22, 2023
1st 8wk: January 29, 2023
2nd 5wk: No IA courses
2nd 8wk: April 2, 2023
3rd 5wk: No IA courses
May Intersession: May 21, 2023
Summer 2023 Sessions
10wk: June 18, 2023
1st 5wk: June 11, 2023
2nd 5wk: July 16, 2023
Note: In several cases your Inclusive Access material is courseware, which you will use to complete your assignments. By opting out you will lose access to this courseware.  You are able to purchase the courseware directly through the publisher or other sources. Please be cautious purchasing courseware from a third party, there are different types of courseware and different versions. If you do choose to purchase outside of the College Bookstore, it is recommend purchasing directly through the publisher, via the publisher courseware link found in your course.

How do I opt back in?
You are able to opt out and opt in up to the census date for the course. Use the same steps above in, "How do I opt out?" however, instead of opting out click on Opt In. After census, you can contact the Bookstore, bookstore@ntcc.edu, and request to opt back in - however, depending on time frame, it may be too late to opt back in and you will be responsible for purchasing the material from a different source or at a different price point. 

What is Open Resource Materials?

Open Resource Materials also known as OER: Open Educational Resources, is course material provided for free within the course. 

This can include but not limited to digital textbooks, handouts, class notes, and other study tools.

In most cases, this is the only material you will need for your course. 

Can I get eBooks for all my textbooks?

The majority of our courses are offered through our Inclusive Access program, which delivers digital content and eBooks directly to students on Blackboard. For more information on Inclusive Access, please see above "What is Inclusive Access". 

However, if your course is not using Inclusive Access, we have partnered with an eBook provider, to offer additional eBooks for our courses, these are not limited to NTCC textbooks and includes a wide range of eBook options.  Check out our eBook catalog https://ntccbookstore.redshelf.com/. This website only accepts credit/debit cards. 

Before purchasing an eBook for your courses, please confirm your course doesn't already include an eBook.