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Calculator Nspire CXII

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This graphing calculator's proven ability to motivate discovery and understanding is expanded and enriched with visuals and hands-on functionality. Integrated mathematics templates permit you to enter expressions and see math symbols, formulas and stacked fractions just as they are printed in textbooks and on the board. Animated path plot allows you to easily visualize function, parametric and polar graphs as they're drawn in real time. Dynamic coefficient values let you explore direct connections between dynamic coefficients in equations and graphs. New app icons, supported by color-coded screen tabs, improve the user experience for easy navigation and use Easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn programming language makes this calculator perfect for exploring STEM concepts CAS engine allows you to perform symbolic and numeric calculations Animated path plot draws graphs in real time for easy visualization Easy-to-read graphics improve user experience Rechargeable battery eliminates need for frequent battery replacement Built-in apps allow you to save and share work with others

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